A Ghost Caused Will Smith to Check Out of a London Hotel
Monday 10th, June 2024
Will Smith has recounted a paranormal experience that led to an urgent departure from a London hotel nearly 30 years ago. The revelation came during an episode of "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" on Tuesday, June the 4th 2024, where Smith participated in a game of “True Confessions” alongside his "Bad Boys: Ride or Die" co-star Martin Lawrence.

During the game, each participant read out statements about themselves, and the others had to determine if they were true. Smith, 55, disclosed, “I once had to emergency check out of a hotel because of a ghost”. This prompted laughter from the studio audience.

Jimmy Fallon, 49, pressed Smith for details, asking, “I mean, when was this?” Smith replied, “This was probably 27 years ago”.

Smith elaborated that the ghostly incident occurred at the Lanesborough Hotel in London. “The ghost urinated in my friend’s toilet”, Smith explained to a sceptical Fallon and Lawrence. “And cleared all of his messages from his phone”.

When Fallon inquired if the ghost was British, Smith said they “didn’t hear it talk” but assumed it was British due to the location. “But it was scary enough for us to check out of the hotel”, Smith added.

Fallon then asked if Smith believed in ghosts. The Oscar winning actor responded, “I believe that there are things that you don’t understand, Jimmy”.

Lawrence, 59, sided with his friend, stating, “Will, his life has been an adventure. I gotta go with my ride or die - I say true.”

Smith confirmed the story was “100% true”, much to the astonishment of both Fallon and Lawrence.
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