Highgate Cemetery, London, UK - Haunted Locations
Monday 7th, February 2022
This location was depicted in Bram Stoker's 'Dracula' as Kingstead Churchyard but is actually a north London cemetery with notable graves which include the likes of Karl Marx and Douglas Adams.

It wouldn't be a widely known location to visit and does have it's tourist following. Some of the visitors to Highgate Cemetery have reported ghostly encounters and the cemetery has built up a loyal following of ghost enthusiasts.

Established in 1839, the cemetery became a sought after spot amongst Victorians in London but was left to become overgrown by the end of world war 2. Monument and grave stones were left to fall apart and end up in a bad state.

Then there was almost a revival of interest in the cemetery after it was featured in a number of horror movies in the 1970s like 'Taste the Blood of Dracula' (1970), 'Tales from the Crypt' (1972) and 'From Beyond the Grave' (1974).

During world war 2 rumours started to spread about cults holding meetings in the cemetery and practising ceremonies or rituals after dark in some of the ruins.

At one stage there was an influx of so-called vampire hunters that would go to Highgate Cemetery due to a story of a vampire-like creature seen hovering over graves. These so-called vampire hunters would open tombs to drive stakes into the chests of corpses and some have been said to steal from the corpses or even to have relocated some of the corpses.

The Highgate Vampire is rumoured to be a mediaeval nobleman who practised black magic in Romania. His coffin was relocated in the 18th century and buried on the site that became Highgate Cemetery. Apparently Satanists awoke him performing rituals. It is reported that he is a tall dark figure who glides around the Cemetery whose presence can be felt by a sudden drop in temperature. It's also reported that watches and clocks have stopped working when he is near.

One ghostly encounter was reported by a cyclist around Swains Lane, the cyclist was riding up the steep slope on Swains Lane and they saw a tall man in a top hat walk across the road and disappear into the cemetery wall.

Other reports are of a red eyed figure staring out of the gates at individuals passing by, to a creature that knocked a man down which came from the cemetery's wall but as soon as the headlights of a car hit the creature it vanished into thin air.
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