Mysterious Zebra Deaths at Bangladesh Safari Park
Monday 31st, January 2022
In Bangladesh's largest safari park of 3,800 acres, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Safari Park is north of the capital Dhaka, an investigation is under way to try and get to the bottom of why nearly a dozen zebras have died since the start of January.

Eleven Zebras as well as a Bengal tiger have died already. Prior to the most recent two deaths Mohammad Jahidul Kabir, the parks chief said that five of the Zebras had died from bacterial infections and four had been mortally wounded from fighting amongst themselves.

Sanjay Kumar Bhowmik who is heading the government investigation said, "We've visited the safari park to probe the deaths. We are trying to find the clues,", he went on to say, "We will send the post-mortem and viscera of the dead top laboratories at home and abroad,".

Since the investigation started a veterinarian and two other officials have been relieved of their duties. The recent deaths have reduced the park's Zerba count to just 20 now.

The Bengal tiger died on the 12th of January and was kept hidden by park officials until a local law maker pushed for an investigation into all the recent deaths.
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