UFO And Three Aliens Spotted In Gorey, County Wexford - New Years Day 2024
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Tuesday 23rd, January 2024
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Notice: This was an artistic display, not a real UFO or real aliens, just a bit of fun by an artist.

In the early hours of New Year's Day 2024, the quaint town of Gorey found itself at the centre of another extraterrestrial spectacle as an 8 foot UFO, accompanied by dancing aliens and two GardaĆ­, touched down on Main Street. This marks the second time that Gorey has been chosen as the destination for such an otherworldly display, with the first being in 2016.

However, there's no need to worry as this UFO hails not from Mars or Venus but is the result of the creative endeavors of local artist Ali Kemal Ali. Ali, inspired by the success of his initial 10 foot UFO display in 2016, decided to usher in the New Year with this 8 foot masterpiece.

"It was literally for a bit of fun," Ali remarked. "I thought, if aliens are going to come to earth, then why not come to Gorey on New Year's day."

Ali's original UFO creation gained international attention when a video of him driving it down Gorey Main Street with a Garda escort went viral on Facebook. The clip garnered over 20 million views online and even prompted some to believe that aliens had indeed landed in Gorey.

The 10 foot UFO, which served as Ali's final year art project at the Institute of Art, Design and Technology (IADT), took more than 16 weeks to create. Complete with a seat at its center, tinted windows providing a 360 degree view, electric motors, all controlled by handlebars and a throttle, the UFO featured a subwoofer for engine noise, a laser, a smoke machine, and ambient lighting.

Ali, who discovered his artistic talent in the early 2000s, initially pursued painting but found his true calling in sculpting. His unconventional path into art led him to Gorey School of Art, where he met artist Michael Warner and fell in love with sculpting.

Graduating with a BA Honours in Art from IADT, Ali has since become a technician at the institution. Despite challenges in his personal life, including the loss of his wife, Ali's creativity has flourished. His artistic endeavors have expanded since the viral success of his UFO video, with Ali designing and creating three more UFOs.
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