Irish Ghost Hunters, Loftus Hall, 2018
Tuesday 16th, January 2024
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This week we came across an episode of Irish Ghost Hunters that aired back in around 2018. It was filmed mostly on location at Loftus Hall, a location which most in the Irish paranormal community will be aware of, a location steeped in folklore and stories of an encounter with the devil.

This episode (the only one we're aware of that exists) followed the Irish Ghost Hunters paranormal group on an investigation of Loftus Hall.

Irish Ghost Hunters paranormal group consisted of Tim Kelly, Tina Barcoe, Shay Carry and Tom O'Mahony.

Although the show was clear an Irish based attempt at a paranormal show the likes of which we see on television all the time, it just didn't hit the mark in make ways. It didn't pack the feeling, emotion and atmosphere you get with most of the American produced paranormal investigation shows.

Irish Ghost Hunters paranormal group seem to have either vanished or gone very quiet just prior to covid coming in and putting everything in life on hold, maybe in a post covid era we might see something from Irish Ghost Hunters again in the future.

Note: The audio is gone for the first 3 minutes (not by us), it's the only copy of the episode we could find.

We did find one of the last few article written about Irish Ghost Hunters all about the Hellfire Club in the Dublin mountains written on,
Spooked members of Irish Ghost Hunters, the country's leading team of paranormal investigators, insist there's one abandoned dwelling that's strictly off limits for them.

The crack ghost-busting unit has vowed never to set foot in the Hellfire Club again because their previous probes scared the life out of them.

Tim Kelly, who heads the Dublin-based ghoul-hunting team, said: "We've been everywhere in the country at this stage, but the Hellfire Club is somewhere we have no intention of returning to because there's a very sinister energy there."

The isolated, burnt-out building on Montpelier Hill has been linked with satanic rituals ever since the club was founded in 1735 by Richard Parsons, a known dabbler in black magic.

At one stage in its sordid history the building is said to have hosted so-called black Masses during which cats - and even servants - were sacrificed.

And despite previously leading several paranormal investigations in the chilling lodge, Kelly, 50, said every member of his seven-man team has agreed never to set foot in it again.

"I know people go up there all the time, and no doubt it will be a popular destination at Halloween, but I would advise people to think twice about going there, because there's a very negative energy there.

"We've done so many investigations around the country at this stage, including really eerie places like Wicklow Gaol, and Kinnitty Castle and Leap Castle in Co. Offaly. But unlike those other places, there's a sense of evil about the Hellfire Club.

"There's a really weird sensation as soon as you go in it and it's something I don't want to repeat again for the rest of my life. So it's the only building in Ireland that's off limits for me in terms of conducting a paranormal investigation."

Kelly said his team has been kept busy with call-outs from spooked householders.

But the experienced paranormalist - whose team uses hi-tech gadgetry, including thermal-imaging cameras and state-of-the-art audio equipment -admitted that it's unusual for him to find a genuinely haunted house, as most suspected supernatural activity in people's homes turns out to be electrical faults or roaming rodents.

"In other cases bad wiring in a house can increase the electro-magnetic field and make people paranoid and think they're seeing things. And then, if we're checking out scratching noises in the attic, we mostly find it's down to rats or mice.

"Sometimes even after we point these things out to the householder, they refuse to believe us, because they've convinced themselves that their house is haunted."

But he added: "There are genuine cases where there are noises or a certain energy or presence in a house, which just can't be explained."
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