Morrison Family Poltergeist - Collon Lane, County Derry
Sunday 7th, January 2024
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In the quaint Pennyburn area of the city lies a historic tale that reverberates with spine chilling echoes of the paranormal. The Morrison family, once residents of a yellow stone house on Collon Lane, discovered that the idyllic countryside surroundings harbored more than just scenic beauty. The house, initially a dream home for the Morrisons, turned into a nightmare as they found themselves entangled in a ghostly encounter.

Mr. Morrison fondly reminisced about the days when the Collon area was considered "almost 'out in the country,'" a far cry from the unsettling events that would later unfold within the walls of their yellow stone abode. The family's joy in having a house to themselves soon waned as mysterious occurrences began plaguing their lives.

Objects, ranging from crockery to chairs, were hurled about at all hours, creating an atmosphere of fear and trepidation. Mrs. Morrison, understandably concerned for her children's safety, lived in constant fear. The community, initially reluctant to speak about the haunting, eventually shared a chilling revelation with the Morrisons – a poltergeist, embodied as a big red-headed, bearded man, was the source of their torment.

Despite desperate attempts to find a new residence and ward off the supernatural intruder through blessings and holy candles, the poltergeist remained steadfast, eventually forcing the Morrison family to flee as soon as an alternative dwelling was secured.

The Morrison haunting is not an isolated incident in Ireland's paranormal history. Across the country, tales of poltergeist encounters have left indelible marks on local communities. One such notable accounts add layers to the mysterious realm of the paranormal.

The infamous case unfolded in County Derry, where the haunting of the Bell family captured national attention. The poltergeist activity, centered around young Bridget Bell in the 1960s, involved mysterious fires, levitation, and unexplained noises. The incidents persisted for years, gaining widespread interest and inspiring documentaries exploring the eerie events.

These stories serve as reminders that Ireland's history is not only marked by its scenic landscapes and rich culture but also by mysterious tales that continue to captivate and terrify, leaving a lasting imprint on those who dare to delve into the world of the paranormal.
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