Mysterious 'Goblin' Like Figure Captured on Camera in Argentina - 23rd December 2023
Saturday 6th, January 2024
A recently surfaced video depicting a peculiar figure running along a road in José de San Martín, Argentina, has ignited widespread discussion and speculation on the internet. The footage, reportedly recorded by a security camera outside the residence of a local police officer on Christmas Eve 2023.

The video begins with a dog barking at an unseen presence, followed by a swift, blurry figure dashing past the camera. Some online users have suggested the possibility of the figure being a "duende", a mythical creature from Latin American folklore often described as a mischievous spirit or goblin. However, opinions are divided, with others asserting that the figure is either a human, an animal, or dismiss the video as a fake.

The police officer, the homeowner of the surveillance camera, disclosed to local media that he was not present at home during the incident. Upon reviewing the footage later, he expressed surprise at the mysterious figure's presence. Despite the speculation, the officer himself does not believe the entity captured on camera to be a goblin. Additionally, he noted that his dog's reaction was characterised more by curiosity than fear.

The viral video has attracted significant attention on social media platforms, prompting users to share their own encounters with duendes or other paranormal phenomena. Duendes, humanoid figures prevalent in Iberian, Ibero-American, and Latin American cultures, are often likened to dwarves, gnomes, or leprechauns in folklore.

Responses to the video have been diverse, ranging from expressions of fear and curiosity to the creation of jokes and memes. Paranormal researchers and investigators have also shown interest in analysing the footage and interviewing witnesses to shed light on the mysterious incident.

Without knowing the exact model of the camera it's not possible to 100% state it but the majority of consumer security camera's wont auto follow a moving object, with this in mind one needs to take into consideration who was moving the camera leading to was the person their waiting to capture something!?
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