Former Head Of NOAA Claims Contact with Non-Human Intelligence
 Alien Life & UFO/UAPs
Thursday 4th, January 2024
In a recent interview with NewsNation, Retired Rear Admiral Tim Gallaudet, former head of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), has called for increased transparency regarding Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) and Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP). Gallaudet, a respected figure with a distinguished career, suggested that the government has had encounters with non-human intelligence.

During the interview, Gallaudet emphasised the need to understand the technology associated with these phenomena, as it could potentially provide a military advantage in any conflict. Despite acknowledging strategic reasons for withholding specific details, he expressed his belief that it is time to disclose interactions with non-human intelligence to the public.

Gallaudet recounted an incident from his Navy tenure, where the UAP was encountered off the U.S. east coast in training airspace. He noted safety risks, including near mid-air collisions, and raised concerns about the Navy's inadequate response to these incidents. Furthermore, he revealed that an email related to a UAP sighting was mysteriously removed from his secure computer, hinting at potential efforts to obscure such occurrences.

In addition to Gallaudet's statements, former intelligence official David Grusch, in an interview with NewsNation's Elizabeth Vargas, supported claims of secret UFO retrieval programs. Grusch, who indicated receiving additional clearance to share firsthand knowledge, expressed his intention to discuss previously constrained information due to Pentagon and Intelligence Community (IC) restrictions.

The statements by Gallaudet and Grusch contribute to the ongoing conversation about UFOs and UAPs, shedding light on potential governmental involvement and raising questions about transparency. The growing desire among officials and the public to understand these mysterious encounters and their implications is reflected in their calls for increased openness.

As discussions on UFOs and UAPs continue, the credibility of these statements, given Gallaudet's background and Grusch's intelligence connections, adds weight to the UAP/UFO issue. Their calls for transparency suggest that there may be more to these phenomena than meets the eye, prompting further investigation at both public and governmental levels.
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