Eilish Poe's Near Death Experience To Seeing Dead People
Thursday 4th, January 2024
In a gripping and chilling narrative, Eilish Poe, a 25 year old elementary school teacher from Fort Collins, northern Colorado, has shared her traumatic near death experience and the paranormal activity that has haunted her life since that fateful day in November 2020.

Poe's life took a horrifying turn when her ex-boyfriend, Jonathan Crossley, broke into her home and attacked her with a knife, stabbing her 16 times in the neck, torso, and arms. Miraculously, Poe survived the brutal assault, but her journey to recovery would take an unexpected and paranormal twist.

During a recent five episode series on the Otherworld podcast hosted by Jack Wagner, Poe detailed her encounter with what she describes as three 'crystal clear' ghosts during the life threatening attack. These apparitions, she claims, were people she had lost in her lifetime, including her paternal grandmother, a high school friend who took her own life, and a woman named Alyssa Burkett, murdered by her ex-boyfriend just a month prior.

According to Poe, the ghosts played a crucial role in her survival. She believes that one of them, Alyssa Burkett, intervened and pulled her upright when she was on the brink of death, allowing her to reach her phone and call for help, ultimately saving her life. While some may interpret these experiences through a spiritual lens, others may seek psychological explanations for the vivid encounters Poe describes.

Following the attack, Poe's life continued to take unexpected turns. She started seeing 'shadow people', figures she describes as static human shapes, sometimes appearing as clear as day. Poe speculates that her near death experience may have opened a gateway, allowing these entities to enter her life.

Despite facing ongoing physical and mental challenges, including multiple surgeries and recovery from the scars of the attack, Poe remains resilient. She also claims to have developed a heightened sensitivity, feeling 'energy' from objects and occasionally having premonitions.

The story also sheds light on the financial struggles Poe faces due to the extensive medical treatments she requires. A fundraiser initiated on her behalf has garnered tremendous support, raising over $66,000 to aid in her ongoing recovery.

Eilish Poe's tale is one of survival, resilience, and the complexities of interpreting life altering events. Whether one views her encounters as paranormal or rooted in psychology, her narrative adds a unique perspective to the intricate interplay between trauma, spirituality, and the human psyche.
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