Multiple Entities Reportedly Captured At Redwood Castle By PSII
Wednesday 6th, December 2023
Ireland Report / Story
On an investigation on November the 23rd 2023 by Paranormal Supernatural Investigations Ireland (PSII) at Redwood Castle, the team reportedly captured three entities at the same time and also captured disembodied voices.

The Paranormal Supernatural Investigations Ireland (PSII) team attended Redwood Castle in Lorrha, Tipperary on the 23rd of Novemeber 2023, as per any investigation they brought their equipment to help capture and log anything they might see and hear as well as environmental data to help with post review of the investigation.

The PSII team said that they could confirm that Redwood Castle was haunted following the investigation after reportedly capturing a photo of a female spirit in front of a window. As well as stating that they experienced a "very active" investigation with three entities detected as well as disembodied voices reported on the day/night.

Team member, Richard Morrison said,
"We decided to take pictures at this location as our equipment was alerting us to high electromagnetic energy in the area,"

"This usually is a clear indicator that a spirit (ghost) is trying to manifest itself for it to be seen."

"We feel that the castle has multiple energies and one of them we feel is a female. This picture has drawn our attention because around this area our equipment was being very active, not to mention some of us were feeling that there was a presence also in that area."

The PSII team's main focus was on the chapel area inside the castle for this investigation which is where PSII report to have had a lot of activity, with it being stated,
"especially the SLS camera, which picked up three entities at once, which was very unusual"
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