Two 'UFOs' Seen Near The Moon In TikTok Video
 Alien & UFOs
Monday 22nd, May 2023
Posted on TikTok by user LaryLoo, the video shows two objects seen in daylight, the objects look like two white aircraft near the moon.

One of the objects appears to be larger than the other and stays still in the video, which lasts about half a minute. The smaller object seems to vanish behind the Moon at some point in the video.

LaryLoo captioned the video with "What is this object near the moon?" and also added that he was "really curious to know more."

The video has received thousands of views and comments on what they might be on the TikTok social media platform.

The authenticity of the video has been questioned by some and there was also an interesting change to LaryLoo's profile, it reportedly stated that LaryLoo used to work as a computer graphics artist, this has since reportedly been removed from his profile.

Check out the video above or at the link below.