Fire Damage at Freemasons' Grand Lodge, Dublin
 Secret Societies
Sunday 2nd, January 2022
On Friday the 31st of December 2021 at around 5.20pm a fire broke out at the Freemasons' Grand Lodge on Molesworth street, Dublin. It's been reported that the building has been badly damaged in the blaze.

Gardaí have confirmed that a male in his 30s was injured during the incident and was brought to St. James hospital for treatment. Gardaí have launched a burglary and criminal damage investigation into the incident.

It's interesting to see a potentially targeted incident against the Freemasons' organisation whose goal is as a brotherhood and/or gentlemens club.

Was it a disgruntled ex-member who was exiled from the organisation looking for revenge? Or was it a targeted attack by an unrelated source?

Whos to know, and based on the secrecy in the Freemasons' past it's possible the truth could remain behind closed doors.
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