Prince Philip's 'X-Files' Could Be Released To Public
 Alien & UFOs
Tuesday 16th, May 2023
Prince Philip was known to have been very interested in the UFO phenomena prior to his death and was known to have collected documents in relation to the UFO subject.

It has been said that The Duke first became interested in the UFO subject after his uncle, Lord Mountbatten wrote an official report about an object that reportedly landed at his estate in Romsey, Hampshire back in 1955.

Lord Mountbatten described seeing a saucer shaped craft which hovered just above the ground, before a man wearing overalls and a helmet exited the craft and descended to the ground.

At this point Lord Mountbatten is reportedly have been knocked off his bike by an 'invisible force' and pinned to the ground, unable to move.

It's been reported that Prince Philip owned books like The Halt Perspective and a copy of Haunted Skies: The Encyclopedia of British UFOS as well as having a subscription to the journal, Flying Saucer Review.

Prince Philip's interest in the UFO subject was kept under wraps due to the potential off kick back due to being married to the Queen, since Prince Philip's death and more recently the Queens death there have been renewed calls for all of Prince Philip's collected documents to be publicly released.

The report of Lord Mountbatten's experience was only released after his death in 1979.