Does Quantum Mechanics Give A Starting Point To Explain Ghost Appearances?
Monday 15th, May 2023
InternationalIreland Report / Story
There is a small possibility (loads more research needed from the paranormal side) that a ghost sighting, can possibly start to be explained by quantum mechanics.

Lets dive a little deeper.

When an 'observer' is watching, Quantum Mechanics states that particles can also behave as waves. This can be true for electrons at the sub-micron level, i.e., at distances measuring less than one micron, or one-thousandth of a millimeter.

When behaving as waves, electrons can simultaneously pass through several openings in a barrier and then meet again on the other side. This meeting is known as interference.

Now, the strangest thing about this phenomena is that it can only occur when no one is observing it.

Once an observer begins to watch the particles going through the opening, the obtained image changes dramatically. If a particle can be seen going through one opening, it is clear that it did not go through another opening. In other words, when under observation, electrons are more or less being forced to behave like particles instead of waves.

The simple act of observation affects the findings.

As stated previously there is a lot more research and understanding needed than just observing a 'ghost', the simple act of observation, The Observer Effect, under the guise of quantum mechanics might just start to give the elusive olive branch of hope that there might be an understanding of the world we live in to explain what a ghost is and isn't.