Baba Vanga's Predictions For 2024
Sunday 26th, November 2023
As we get nearer to December it comes that time of year when Baba Vanga's predictions which were made before the Bulgarian mystic passed over.

Born on January the 31st 1911 and kept coming out with predictions until her final day on August the 11th 1996, Baba Vanga was widely known for her clairvoyance and ability to seemly predicted the future, much like Nostradamus.

1. Increased Terror Attacks in Europe
Bada claimed that a "big country" would carry out biological weapon tests or attacks in 2024, she also predicts that a terror attack will be carried out on European soil.

2. Major Economic Crisis
Baba predicts that there will be a huge economic crisis that will impact the global economy in 2024, highlighting many factors, such as an increase in debt levels, economic power shift from West to East and further geopolitical tensions.

3. Climate / Space Events
Baba predicted that there will be orbit alteration which tends to take place over a long period of time but in this case the change takes place quickly which is predicted to have noticeable climate disruption.

4. Cyber Attacks
Not much needed to be said about it apart from, it's given.

5. Medical Breakthroughs
Baba has predicted a breakthrough in treatments for conditions like Alzheimer's and a cure for cancer in 2024.

6. Assassination Atempt
Baba had many a vision but this one in particular was of Russian president Vladimir Putin being assassinated by someone from his own country, Russia, in 2024.

As with any of these predictions they are very wide garbing predictions as well as some of them being quite logical and almost expected but it's interesting to see what might come from them.
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