Owner Hears 'Deceased Dog' Sniffing At Door To Get Into Room
Monday 20th, March 2023
Ireland Report / Story
The witness's dog had recently passed away after living with the family for over 15 years.

The witness describes that the dog had slept in their room in a small dog bed for the majority of the dog's life.

On one occasion the witness describes hearing the dog moving around their bedroom as they would have when the dog was alive.

On another occasion the witness was watching TV on their own in their bedroom when they heard sniffing at the bottom of the door.

The witness was terrified to get up and go near the door as they described the sound as very loud, it was always loud enough to get the witnesses attention to open the door.

The witness stayed where they were until a period of time had passed after hearing the noise out of fear.

There was no follow up information after these two experiences.

For anyone that has or had a dog will understand what this noise is like, its a very distinctive, sniffing/snorting noise to get your attention.
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