"No Way" Humans Only Life Form, Says Head Of UK Space Exploration, Libby Jackson
 Alien & UFOs
Sunday 19th, March 2023
Libby Jackson who is head of space exploration in the United Kingdom has said that there is "no way" humans are alone in the universe.

Jackson joined the UK Space Agency in 2014 and has been working hard making it to the top since then within the organisation, she has said that there will be "more answers" found in the years to come and believes that alien life will be found.

Jackson who spent 7 years working at the European Space Agency (ESA) said,
"With billions of galaxies there's no way that we are the only life form,"

"Scientists will certainly have more answers in the coming decades."

"I need to make sure that the UK is playing its part and that what we learn from space benefits people on Earth."

Jackson went on to say that she prefers to observe space from the ground,
"I felt no desire to get on top of a rocket that is really a controlled bomb and live in cramped, smelly conditions. Mission control captured my heart because I love problem-solving and teamwork."