A70 UFO Encounter And Abduction, Scotland
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Monday 9th, January 2023
One of, if not the most famous UFO incidents ever reported in Scotland, known as the A70 incident took place on the 27th of August 1992.

Shortly after 11:30pm on that August night in 1992. Ambulance technician Gary Wood and his friend Colin Wright were travelling between Edinburgh and Tarabrax.

Upon passing Harperrig reservoir on their way to drop off something to a friend they claim to have encountered a two tier disc shaped UFO that they state was not any aircraft they knew of.

Woods and his friend, Wright, reported that the object was smooth, black and shiny with no windows. At this stage both men we're terrified and ultimately blacked out.

Woods and his friend, Wright, arrived at their destination feeling dazed and confused but with a unsettling feeling that it had taken a lot longer to arrive at their destination then it should have, a 30 minute drive that took them 2 hours.

Woods woke the next morning with fatigue and said he could not get out of bed due his body feeling heavy as well as Woods reporting that he started to suffer nightmares following the encounter.

Both Woods and Wright couldn't shake the feeling that something had happened due to the missing time but they couldn't explain what might have happened, at this stage family weren't believing the story as the two men stated what happened.

To try and get to the bottom of the feelings of concern they two men contacted Malcolm Robinson, the creator of Strange Phenomena Investigations (SPI).

Malcolm set out to try disprove strange happenings from UFOs to poltergeists but ended up fascinated and embroiled in the subject when encounters seemed to demand serious investigations.

On the podcast 'Somewhere In The Skies', Robinson describes how Woods called him and explained the A70 incident. Malcolm said that his initial thought was that this tale was well above anything he had heard before.

This led to both Woods and Wright undertaking hypnotic regression to get at their subconscious memories. Taking separate sessions the two men recalled almost identical scenarios.

They said that their car had been hit by a light and was approached by six humanoid beings that placed them on a stretcher hovering above the ground. From then they were convulsing after receiving an electric shock.

During the session Wright remembered the craft being a circular object and was led to a chair where he was stripped naked and underwent a physical examination. He then said he was imprisoned in a glass container where a device that had a triangular head and two red lights rose from the floor to scan him.

Wright scarily recalled his right eye being examined as a red hot poker pain was felt in the centre of his eye. He ended by describing the aliens as deformed and extremely ugly.

Woods said that he remembered a buzzing around him and a black lens that examined his body. He said there were 20 to 30 creatures within the spacecraft and that they had what looked like Native American markings below their eyes.

But what scared them was the use of the word "sanctuary" that one alien repeated to them. Woods added that the being had said that humans were more advanced than them in many ways but that their potential had been "capped".

When Woods and Wright were returned to their car and awoke from the experience, they said that they found objects strewn across the ground from inside the car and a white crystallisation impacted the vehicle for weeks after the event.

Malcolm and the podcast hosts believe that it is one of the most believable and unexplainable alien encounters to happen in Scotland.

The men have never changed their stories since. Once classified documents, released by the British government in 2012, revealed that the Ministry of Defence had taken the 'abduction' so seriously that they investigated it, and filed an official report.
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