The Returned Man
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Thursday 2nd, September 2021
In 1980 the naked body of a man was found on the southern end of Krortysia Island in Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine. When emergency responders arrived at the scene it was determined the man was deceased as he had no pulse or signs of life, and in line with procedure the man's body was removed to the local morgue.

Due to the nature of the discovery and unable to identify the man the police investigation went into full swing to try and find out who the man was and what had happened to him.

When it came time to perform an autopsy on the man's body, the pathologist was perplexed to find during the autopsy that the man's internal organs appeared to be frozen with ice crystals being reportedly found in the liver area.

After this odd finding and due to the weather at the time being warm, the pathologist discussed the findings of the autopsy with colleagues and it was decided to leave the man's body in a room with a +7 degree celsius temperature to defrost the man's internal organs, the aim was to cause as little damage during defrosting process as possible as the thawing process can cause ice crystals to form and damage tissue.

Approximately 12 hours later the morgue staff were further perplexed as the ‘reanimation' of the man's body started to take place, first the man's heart started to beat followed by the man starting to come around as if he was only knocked out for a procedure. As the man came around it was noticed that he was sweating profusely and also had an almost unquenchable thrust and proceeded to consume 3 litres of water.

Due to the oddities around the events to date the man's sweat was one of the many things investigated and it was reported that after analysis the man's sweat was found to have a high nitrogen content.

Once the man had come around he said his name was Nikolai, and after further discussion he was told he was in a hospital in Zaporizhzhia and it was the 14th August 1980. It would further transpire that the man claimed to be a resident of the Rostov region, he went on further to explain that on the 5th July 1971 he went for a night swim in the Seversky Donets River, during this swim Nikolai claims a beam of light came down from the sky and pulled him up out of the water into something he couldn't describe, he also had a sensation of being cold as soon as the beam of light was on him.

Nikolai's next memory was of being in a cell-like room with a porthole window with earth in his view outside the window getting smaller as he moved away from it. Nikolai went on to say he started to feel colder and colder before losing consciousness.

Nikolai is reported to not have been able to recall any further memories of his experience and said that he felt that he was only unconscious for a couple of minutes which in reality it was over nine years since his night time swim in the Seversky Donets River.

This whole event of the ‘reanimation' of a body and the extraordinary story that Nikolai had given started to make authorities wonder if he was just plain lying or was he mentally ill. With the many unanswered questions Nikolai was temporarily placed in a mental health hospital and staff were reportedly asked by officers from the KGB to remain quiet while they investigated the circumstances surrounding the case.

While following up on Nikolai's story, a woman who was the wife of a man named Nikolai who actually had gone missing in 1971 confirmed the story and it was assumed he had drowned and his body was washed away and never recovered, when Nikolai's wife and parents were shown a picture of Nikolai they confirmed it was him.

This is where the case runs cold, there were no further updates from authorities or Nikolai. If this case is true it shows that suspended animation is possible but as to the technology or source of the process, this still remains unknown.
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