Shadow Whispers In The Night - Matthew Clarke, Cork Supernatural Society - 7th December 2022
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Wednesday 7th, December 2022
Ireland Report / Story
The latest show from Shadow Whispers in the Night hosted by Jenny Sullivan Sunyasi. Matthew Clarke from the Cork Supernatural Society talks through investigations, EVP's and much more.

Matthew Clarke talks about the origins of the Cork Supernatural Society back in 2013 and how family experiences kick started the many year journey to where he is now as one of the last original family member still in the group.

The discussion moves on to a few locations around Ireland, with a mention of the infamous Hellfire Club at Montpelier Hill in the Dublin-Wicklow mountains, for anyone that has visited the site, especially at night knows that it's a very interesting place to go.

The goals of Cork Supernatural Society are stated as:
Non profit paranormal research group who travel Ireland to try and debunk claims of paranormal activity. On occasion we do find evidence we either post it and let people make up there own minds or keep it between the group and our clients. We do investigate private residence and businesses free of charge. Our aim is to help those who feel there may be paranormal activity occurring in there property. We aim to try and find a reasonable explanation for the claims and bring peace of mind back to the persons involved."

There is loads more interesting chat around locations and a large amount of Cork based locations are discussed.

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