Police Officer Photographs UFO Over Anna Maria Island, Florida - 5th November 2022
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Tuesday 15th, November 2022
A Bradenton Beach police officer, Charles Morose, while on patrol at Coquine Beach spotted an object a strange object in the sky while watching a coast guard aircraft fly past.

Officer Morose said, "I saw a Coast Guard plane flying over the bay, then I watch them turn back toward the Gulf. I thought what the heck is that as I look up and saw a big black thing in the sky,".

"I'm estimating based on the size of the plane in the sky, it was at least the size of a car, or maybe a small aircraft."

Officer Morose suggests that the Coast Guard aircraft changed course to head towards the object in the sky. Officer Morose also said that the object was almost stationary when he first saw it but it's speed and trajectory changed rapidly once the Coast Guard aircraft changed direction.

Officer Morose went on to say, "That thing had to be moving at least 500 mph,".

"It just shot off like a rocket toward the horizon and it was just gone. I'm no UFO conspiracy theorist, and I'm not saying it was from space or anything like that, but there was something in the sky and it was hauling butt."

Cortez Coast Guard claimed that there was no incident reported in the area on the date and time reported by Officer Morose.
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