Shadow Whispers In The Night - Portal To The Paranormal - 15th October 2022
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Monday 17th, October 2022
Irish Report / Story
The latest show from Shadow Whispers in the Night hosted by Jenny Sullivan Sunyasi, Nando and Sarah from Portal To The Paranormal talk discuss starting out on paranormal investigation and what they have found along the way so far.

This episode is a chat about the paranormal with Nando and Sarah from Portal To The Paranormal a UK based investigation group.

During this show the discussion starts around some personal experiences of each of individual on the call and som eof their motivations for getting into paranormal investigation.

As the episode progresses another area discussed is individuals that go on public investigations either expecting what they see on TV shows or that go purely to fake some experiences.

There are many more things discussed in this episode, to watch or listen click the link below in the reference links.