UFO Point in the Wicklow Mountains
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Tuesday 20th, July 2021
Reported Experience
Nestled deep in the Wicklow mountains there is a spot where on a clear night you can observe the stars as clear as if you were up there with them, with no light pollution the night sky is perfectly clear. This location is not far from the area of the Wicklow mountains known as Sally Gap.

On the night in question four young people were driving around the Wicklow mountains and decided to stop at a layby near to a cross road near Sally Gap to have a look at the stars as it was such a clear night.

As the four individuals got out of the car and started to stargaze a couple of 'stars' were noticed to be moving at a slow enough speed, three in total. Two of the 'stars' were moving together with one of them starting to veer off slightly while the third 'star' was moving away from the other two 'stars'. This in itself wasn't odd or strange, it was just assumed to be satellites, aircraft or something else explainable so nothing was thought of it.

As the four individuals continued to watch these 'stars' move in the night sky it was noticed that the 'star' that started to veer off was speeding up and suddenly did a 90 degree turn of direction with no change in speed and moved away until sight of it was lost. The remaining two objects did various other manoeuvres like changing direction multiple times with no change in speed and also sharp acceleration to a dead stop.

That was enough to spook the four individuals and they proceeded to get back into the car and proceed back to Dublin. There have been many trips back to this location since and on a number of occasions similar moving 'star' like objects have been seen.

After the initial incident some of the individuals contacted a number of organisations in Ireland to see if they could explain the things that were seen that night but all couldn't give a conclusive explanation of what was seen that night.

These 'star' like objects can be seen most nights when the sky is clear in the same location or in most locations with very low to no light pollution around Ireland.
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