Hungry Ghost? - Grafton Street, Dublin, Ireland
Wednesday 14th, September 2022
Ireland Report / Story
The witness in this case states that they used to work in an office over a burger restaurant on Grafton Street, Dublin, at the Nassau Street end of the street.

The office was on the second floor of the building with a narrow staircase to access the office which was the only way into the office.

Above this office there were two more floors with the top floor being empty and locked, not used as far as the witness could tell.

The first strange occurrence was when the witness was walking up the narrow staircase to the office which is made up of old wooden steps. The witness could clearly hear footsteps running up behind them so the witness stood aside to let the individual pass but to the witnesses surprise there was no one there.

The sounds of footsteps would most of the time stop when the witness stood aside or turned about but once or twice the witness reports that the footsteps ran right past them as they stood on the stairs.

The next serious of strange occurrences were when the witness opened the office on their own in the mornings, most of the times the witness would open on their own with the next employee being in around an hour later.

The witness would report to hear doors slamming as well as a crashing noise on the floor above them and with no one else in the building it became very unnerving for the witness to the point they would dread having to open on their own.

But these incidents all pale in comparison to the one experience that scared the witness the most.

On this day the witness was on their lunch break and had organised to meet up with their boyfriend, only having limited time for lunch they went to a burger restaurant close by the witnesses place of work to get something quick.

There were queues in the burger restaurant so the witness and their boyfriend joined one of the middle queues, with that the boyfriend said he was going to move to the front of the restaurant and wait for the witness to get the food.

A couple of minutes later as the witness was queuing they reported hearing a "very loud whisper in my left ear", the witness describes the voice as a deep male voice and so close that the witness could feel breath on their ear.

With that the witness turned around quickly expecting to see their boyfriend standing there but to the witnesses surprise there was no one near them, the boyfriend was still standing at the front of the restaurant.

The boyfriend came over to the witness, with the witness assuming he say the shock on their face, the boyfriend said that nobody had gone near the witness the whole time in the queue.

The witness can't remember what was whispered in their ear which they say, "drives me insane". The witness left the job soon after as the fear was getting to much due to the strange occurrences they experienced.
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