Missing: Frank McCaughey, Renewed Appeal After Sighting In Germany
Tuesday 13th, September 2022
Ireland Report / Story
The family of a County Fermanagh man have renewed their appeal for information on their missing son after he was apparently seen in Germany two months after going missing.

Frank McCaughey's family believe that the 29 year old is in Germany after making his way their from Denmark.

The initial alarm was raised after weeks of no contact from Mr McCaughey with friends and family from Denmark where he was staying.

Mr McCaughey's family were informed by German police that he had been seen in Berlin after being admitted to hospital following a seizure.

Mr McCaughey's brother, Conan said that they have yet to hear from Frank and that the last form of contact was nearly two months ago.

Conan said, "Frank is in Berlin as far as we know but there haven't been any sightings of him since the end of August,".

"The German police have told us they were speaking with him and from the conversations we have had he has indicated he doesn’t want to come home."

"We're still very worried and concerned about him and we want to just tell him that we miss him, especially our mum."

"It was out of the blue we found out that he lost his phone and it's just so unlike him not to be in contact, especially for this amount of time."

Mr McCaughey's brother, Conan said "All we want is for him to reach out to family or friends to let us know he is OK - and he's safe,” Conan said."

"Frank has mental health issues and the longer it goes on the more worried we are that something bad will happen to him."

Mr McCaughey's family have asked that anyone who is in Berlin or visiting the German city and knows of Conan's potential whereabouts to contact Conan at conanmccaughey@outlook.com.

The PSNI continue to assist in the search for Mr McCaughey.
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