Missing 411, David Paulides And 'The Silence'
Tuesday 13th, September 2022
A recent video on the subject of the Missing 411 and David Paulides takes an angle not usually talked about when it comes to Mr Paulides's work, these cases are usually touched on but nothing more offered as to what it was and just left for time to relegate these accounts to a dusty video archive or book shelf.

These cases have been labelled by some as the 'near missing 411' where the individual in question was able to survive or escape to tell their story and what they experienced.

There are many different characteristics across a lot of missing person cases and then there are the additional characteristics that might be more prominent in certain situations for example the environment where an individual went missing like on land or in or near water seem to have similarities but also their own unique characteristics based on the reports made public.

There is one characteristic that seems to be more present than not, it's very rarely said to have been absent from an encounter, this characteristic is what has become known to some as 'The Silence'.

The silence seems to be an auditory and visual 'hallucination' where all sounds disappear but there movement of trees and bushes in the breeze can still be seen.

Many cases that Mr Paulides talks about where the individual became a 'near missing 411' case seem to always have an aspect of the silence, more work would need to be done to find out if the silence is a targeting factor for the cases that Paulides uses to report on cases or is it just an unintentional byproduct of all the other aspects that Paulides looks for in the cases he adds to his Missing 411 catalog.

According to Paulides, he speculates that the Park Service conceals the true data on how and where people disappear and how many have actually been found because it "would shock the public so badly that visitor numbers would fall off a cliff,".

Jon Billman is a journalist who's attention was caught by the missing people in wild places phenomena and is well versed on Mr Paulide's work.

"I don't think there's a grand conspiracy to keep the numbers hidden," he says. "But the National Park Service certainly doesn't advertise that there are dozens of still-missing visitors in Grand Canyon or Yosemite, and a county sheriff isn’t gonna put a missing person on his reelection poster." said Billman.

Reports of 'The Silence' don't start with Paulides or Billman's research, the strange environmental changes experienced have been reported in cases long before Paulides and Billman and will most likely continue to be reported in cases that match the unofficial 'near missing 411' cases.
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