Kinnitty Castle
Saturday 10th, July 2021
Kinnitty Castle has a long rich history, from its inception in approximately the 11th century where it housed Druids and poets to when its destroyed for the first time in 1209 and later rebuilt in 1213 by the Normans, it was burned down in 1922 by Irish Republicans, following Kinnitty Castle being destroyed by fire it was rebuilt in 1928 and has been pretty much the same since the rebuild to this day.

After the Normans the castle came into the possession of the powerful O'Carrolls of Ely. In 1630 William O'Carroll built a new fortress which was subsequently confiscated by the English. Colonel Thomas Winter was gifted Kinnitty Castle in 1664 as a reward for his military service and Kinnitty remained in the Winter's family line for approximately 200 years before the family sold Kinnitty onto the Bernard family.

The castle was burnt down during the 1922 civil war by Republicans and was subsequently rebuilt in 1928. From 1955 till 1985 the castle was used by the Forestry Training College until it was purchased in 1994 by the Ryan family of Limerick. The castle was taken over by the bank in 2008 and then purchased by a group of Irish and American investors where Kinnitty Castle continues in existence as a hotel.

There are a few different ghosts reported to haunt Kinnitty Castle over the years, one of the most famous of these is the 'The Phantom Monk of Kinnitty'. The Monk is identified as 'Hugh' and has been reported to be seen around the castle and passing on future events to whoever would listen. The forecasting or foretelling of future events is where the Monk is linked by some to the Druids as there is a Druid altar on the property of the castle. The Monk has been known to give quite accurate information, has been described as tall, cloaked in a black robe with a shadowy face that lacks features. The monk has been most commonly reported being encountered in the banquet room and the dungeon mostly when a happy event is taking place at the castle.

Two rooms are said to be haunted by ghostly figures as well, these rooms are located in the attic space of the castle. These two rooms are the Geraldine and Elizabeth rooms, these two rooms are reported to be visited by a full bodied spirit of a little girl whose footsteps have been reported to have been heard going up and down the hallways as well as her childish laughter. The wife of Thomas Bernard, Lady Catherine is reported to also frequent the Geraldine room.

There have been reports of poltergeist activity at Kinnitty Castle from activity in one of the bars to reports of poltergeist activity in bathrooms of guestrooms.
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