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Monday 14th, June 2021
David Paulides is a former police officer with a 20 year career in law enforcement, after Paulides's time in law enforcement he went on to write books on the Bigfoot topic and then books on disappearances of people in national parks, reporting on missing people cases that fit a certain subset of details, usually cases that involve water, granite boulder fields and situations where someone disappeared when they were there and in the blink of an eye they were just gone with little to no trace.

At the time of writing this article there are 10 books in the 'Missing 411' series, these are.
  • Missing 411 - Eastern United States: Unexplained Disappearances of North Americans That Have Never Been Solved (2012)
  • Missing 411 - Western United States & Canada: Unexplained Disappearances of North Americans that have never been solved (2012)
  • Missing 411 - North America and Beyond (2013)
  • Missing 411 - The Devil's in the Details (2014)
  • Missing 411 - A Sobering Coincidence (2015)
  • Missing 411 - Hunters (2016)
  • Missing 411 - Off the Grid (2017)
  • Missing 411 - Law (2018)
  • Missing 411 - Canada (2019)
  • Missing 411 - Montana (2020)
There have been counter claims that the work Paulides does under the 'Missing 411' topic has no oddities attached to any of the cases Paulides looks into.

A data scientist, Kyle Polich and host of the Data Skeptic podcast presented his analysis of Paulides Missing 411 at SkeptiCamp in 2017. Polich concluded that the cases Paulides looks at represent nothing unusual and can all be explained by cases of falling, sudden health issues, drowning, animal attack, environmental exposure or intentional disappearance. After his work, Polich concluded that these cases were not "outside the frequency that one would expect, or that there is anything unexplainable that I was able to identify". Polich's presentation was discussed in the February 2017 issue of the Skeptical Inquirer, in this article reported by Susan Gerbic, Gerbic stated that "Paulides... gave no reason for these disappearances but finds odd correlations for them. For example, two women missing in different years both had names starting with an 'A' with three-letters, Amy and Ann.".

Polich's analysis on Paulides' cases concluded with Polich stating, "I've exhausted my exploration for anything genuinely unusual. After careful review, to me, not a single case stands out nor do the frequencies involved seem outside of expectations."

As with any unexplainable events, regardless of the context there is more than often a counterclaim. It would help Paulides's case if he was to go further into what he thinks could be behind the disappearances that he looks into and supply some supporting evidence which he should be well used to as previously working in law enforcement.

We shall be revisiting the 'Missing 411' topic as some of the cases that Paulides discusses have some very interesting characteristics.
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