Belcamp College's 'Moving Walls'
Thursday 9th, June 2022
Ireland Report / Story
Around 1994 when the witness was studying for their leaving certificate in school at Belcamp College, as it wasn't always easy to study at home as the witness had a large family.

To get around this the witness asked the school they were attending if they could study in the school in the evening which the school agreed to.

On the day in question the witness was with a friend studying in a class room on the second floor of the school. The class the witness was studying in was part of three make shift class rooms.

The witness describes the second floor and class rooms as, "image of the layout of the room, imagine a huge 2nd floor hallway. Along one side, say east to west is a really long corridor with wooden floor. The remainder of the room, (ie that which is not the corridor) has been cheaply converted into three classrooms.".

Based on the witnesses account the walls were poorly made, cheap and very light.

The study session started with the witness and their friend sitting in the class room when they both heard a creaking noise coming from the corridor which ran alongside all three classrooms.

When they both looked up they noticed that a section of wall was being pushed inwards to the room, they depression in the wall started to move towards the door of the class room.

The door has been described as an old door with round door handles by the witness. When the depression in the wall reached the door, the door handle suddenly started to shake.

At this stage both the witness and their friend got up and made their way to the door, the witness grabbed the door handle and opened the door expecting to find a friend on the other side laughing, once the door was opened the was nothing there, no one was in the corridor.

The air was described by the witness as having a 'menacing feeling in the air', both the witness and their friend packed their bags and left the school, this was the last time they studied in the school after dark.

The witness went on to say that the school had stories around it about things being seen on the grounds of the school as well as withing the school building.
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