Wednesday 25th, May 2022

Earthquakes do occur in Ireland despite most people thinking Ireland is immune to them.

Tuesday 24th, May 2022

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has said today that 131 confirmed cases of monkeypox have been recorded across 19 countries but that the outbreak remains "containable".

Monday 23rd, May 2022

HSE in Ireland sets up incident management team in anticipation of Monkeypox being found in Ireland.

Thursday 19th, May 2022

Case of the rare monkeypox virus have been confirmed in Spain, Portuagal, Canada and the United States since the first cases were seen in the United Kingdom in the past 10 days.

Monday 16th, May 2022

Scientists have been able to bring 'back from death' eyes from a donor five hours after the donor had passed away.

Friday 13th, May 2022

A remote, deep sinkhole in China's Hubei province has been found with a forest and planets that have been reducing in numbers for many years.

Monday 9th, May 2022

A single case of a rare infectious disease known as monkeypox has been confirmed in the United Kingdom over the weekend.

Thursday 28th, April 2022

A 'Potentially Hazardous' asteroid will come close in space terms to Earth on Thursday the 28th April 2022 according to NASA.

Tuesday 26th, April 2022

An unexplained outbreak of hepatitis in young children, usually under 10 has been seen in 12 countries to date with the United States and Israel also confirming cases.

Thursday 14th, April 2022

Declassified documents from the US Space Command (USSC) reveal that an object approximately 0.45 metres in size hit the earth in 2014.

Tuesday 8th, March 2022

Green energy being the common widespread source of energy is one step closer due to a breakthrough in artificial intelligence.

Monday 7th, March 2022

Experts are warning central U.S. that they are overdue a magnitude 7 earthquake that could hit within the next 50 years.

Thursday 24th, February 2022

In a first, doctors trying to help a patient suffering from epilepsy unintentionally capture the brain activity of the patient as they passed away due to a heart attack.

Friday 18th, February 2022

Was a coronavirus like virus responsibly for the "Russian Flu", some researchers are investigating similarities to SARS-CoV-2 and the Russian flu pandemic.

Sunday 30th, January 2022

Unusual object discovered in space, first time an object has been seen emitting radio signals for one minute and then going silent for the next 18 minutes before repeating cycle.

Thursday 20th, January 2022

A recent study suggests that an ancient coronavirus epidemic could affect how some East Asians handle infection of SARS-CoV-2.