Sonja van de Reep - The God Matrix & Beyond: Quantum Transformation With Biba Logan on The Biba Frequency
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Wednesday 10th, July 2024
Ireland Report / Story
Sonja van de Reep chats to Biba Logan on The Biba Frequency, Sonja talks about quantum healing hypnosis and spiritual growth.

Embark on a transformative journey of Quantum Healing Hypnosis and spiritual growth with Sonja van de Reep and Biba Logan as they explore profound themes of self-discovery and personal responsibility. They emphasize the essential path to uncovering one's true self, cautioning against the limitations of external substances for spiritual evolution. Sonja shares her unique approach to quantum healing hypnosis, empowering clients to confront their minds and embrace inner responsibility.

The conversation delves into the realms of the God Matrix and the synthetic universe, offering fresh perspectives on consciousness and reality. Personal anecdotes reveal their journeys of shedding old belief systems and embracing higher levels of consciousness, showcasing the profound transformative power of these experiences.
Discover the importance of deep self-connection and facilitating similar growth in others, with insights influenced by the teachings of George Kavassilas and his book "Our Universal Journey". Experience firsthand the profound changes and closures that emerge from quantum healing sessions, reflecting on the path towards acceptance and authentic existence.

You can watch the interview above or at the link below.
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