’Ghost Woman’ Hitches Night Time Ride In Truck On Mexican Road
Tuesday 2nd, July 2024
On the night of the 31st of March 2024, a truck driver travelling along the highway to Saltillo, Nuevo Leon, experienced an unsettling encounter with a ghostly presence. The driver, unaware of the passenger beside him, received a call from his transportation company during his journey. The caller inquired, "Who are you giving a ride to?", dismissing it as a prank, the driver ignored the question.

Upon arrival at the company's base, the driver was shown a chilling photograph taken by an in cab surveillance camera. The image revealed a female figure with an eerie, unnatural face seated next to him. Dressed in attire reminiscent of the late 19th century, the ghostly woman's presence shocked the driver and company staff alike.

Company employees, adhering to strict rules prohibiting rides to hitchhikers or strangers, questioned the driver intensely. Surprised and insistent that he had not picked up anyone, the driver swore, "I did not give anyone a ride". This led to the unnerving conclusion that he had been accompanied by a ghost.

The duration of the ghost’s presence remains unclear, however, a single photo and a video of the driver’s conversation circulated in a WhatsApp group for Monterrey express transport line workers. The images quickly went viral on social media, sparking intense debate. While some suggested it was an elaborate prank involving an actress or a painted doll, others were convinced of the ghostly hitchhiker’s authenticity.

The incident has revived an urban legend from the 1980s about “Dead Santillo”, a ghostly woman who purportedly asked for rides to a nearby ranch. According to the legend, drivers would drop her off, only for her to disappear. The ranch owner would then explain that the woman matched the description of his daughter, who had tragically died on that highway years earlier.

It's very hard to verify this story as there is only a still image available from the in-cab camera, there doesn't appear to be any video leading up to and after the still image was taken at this point in time.
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