Missing: Jay Slater, Search Enters Seventh Day With No Trace Found
Monday 24th, June 2024
As the search moves into it's seventh day, a firefighter has stated that it's strange to not have found Jay yet.

Tenerife authorities are ramping up their search efforts for Jay Slater, a British teenager who went missing in the desolate terrain of the Rural de Teno park. Jay's last known location was near a 600-metre ravine, where search operations are currently focused.

The mammoth search effort, which began after Jay's phone last pinged in the area, has seen rescue workers combing through the sparse brushland around two small brick buildings. Riccardo, a firefighter with the Brigada Forestal services, highlighted the difficulties of locating individuals in this challenging terrain. He said "It's very difficult to find people here, because of the ravines and the mountains. I've seen the case and about the missing boy on the internet... but the days are now passing by and it's increasingly strange that he hasn't appeared yet".

Jay, who was on holiday with two friends for the 2024 Tenerife NRG festival, vanished on Monday 17th June 2024. On Sunday evening, he attended a rave with his friends Lucy and Brad but left with two new acquaintances. After returning to their accommodation near Masca village, Jay missed the bus home on Monday morning and faced a daunting 16 kilometre walk.

In a panicked phone call to Lucy Law, Jay said he was lost, his phone battery was about to die, and he needed water. That was the last anyone heard from him. A missing persons report was filed around 9 am, triggering the extensive rescue operation.

As search efforts entered their seventh day, temperatures were expected to reach as high as 29 degrees Celsius. The UV index was at an "extreme" level of 11 to 12, peaking around 1 pm. Locals and experts warned of the perilous conditions in the area, where thin air, rapid temperature changes, and sharp mountain drops to the water below make search efforts challenging.

On Friday, the Lancashire Constabulary offered to assist Spain's Guardia Civil in the search, but Tenerife police declined, stating they had the necessary resources to find Jay. At least 15 of Jay's family and friends have flown to Tenerife to join the search, including his parents and brother. His distraught mother, Debbie Duncan, expressed her fears, saying she worries "something untoward" may have happened to her son. "I think it's been stepped up", she said of the search effort.

Jay's father, Warren Slater, tearfully said, "I just want my boy back", as he overlooked the search area with his other son, Zak. Debbie has criticised the investigation for not allowing British police to contribute. She spent eight hours at a police station on Saturday, discussing plans to intensify the rescue effort.

Two new pieces of information have emerged, including a possible sighting of Jay after he disappeared. A witness claimed to have seen Jay sitting on a bench with two men, 5.6 kilometres from his last known location in Santiago del Teide. Photos from Santiago del Teide show the church and bench where Jay was allegedly seen.

As the search continues, Jay's family remains hopeful but deeply concerned. His mother, Debbie, summed up the sentiment, "It's just an absolute living nightmare. It's like a dream - it's like it's not happening".
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