UFO Whistleblowers Continue To Report Threats and Harassment
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Sunday 23rd, June 2024
In recent developments concerning UFO investigations in the United States, whistleblowers are reportedly being threatened, with protections deemed insufficient. Congressman Tim Burchett, a leading advocate for full UFO disclosure, has highlighted these issues in comments to Fox News Digital.

Lue Elizondo, who previously led a classified Pentagon program focused on UFOs, has publicly declared that he and several other whistleblowers involved in the U.S. Government's unidentified anomalous phenomena (UAP) investigations have faced threats. Elizondo made his concerns known during a statement on "The Good Trouble Show" on May 15th 2024, stating, "I would like to make this perfectly clear to the American people. I am not prone to accidents. I am not suicidal. I am not abusing drugs. I am not engaged in any illicit activities. If something happens to me or my family members in the future, you will know what happened".

Congressman Burchett, who represents Tennessee, is not only a public advocate for UFO disclosure but also a close friend of Elizondo. He criticised the current whistleblower protection measures, labelling them "a joke". In recent interview, Burchett said, "There is whistleblower protection, but it's a joke, and we know it's a joke".

Burchett expressed his alarm and commitment to uncovering the source of these threats, emphasising his personal connection to Elizondo. "Lou is a dear friend of mine, and I take any threat against anybody seriously, especially against friends and somebody that has given so much to this country and to this issue [UFOs]", Burchett stated. "So, I'm very much aware of it, and I'm very much alarmed. I'm pursuing every avenue I can to get to the bottom of it".

The threats against Elizondo and other UFO whistleblowers are part of a broader, disturbing trend. Last July, David Grusch, a former U.S. intelligence officer and Air Force veteran, testified before Congress about threats to his life linked to his knowledge of a covert government programme aimed at retrieving crashed UFOs. Grusch revealed, "I can't get into the specifics in an open forum but... what I personally witnessed myself and my wife was very disturbing". He further described facing severe retaliatory actions, which he termed "administrative terrorism".

These incidents highlight ongoing concerns about the safety and protection of individuals disclosing information on UAPs. The effectiveness of existing whistleblower protections is also under scrutiny, raising questions about transparency and accountability within government UFO investigations.
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