MUFON to Unveil ’Most Important’ UAP News at Symposium
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Thursday 20th, June 2024
In what is being touted as "the most important UAP-related presentation MUFON has ever made". The Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) is reported to be readying to unveil details about information about a recent Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) materials case from Russia. This exclusive event will be held on Saturday, July 13th, 2024, at 8 PM Central Daylight Time (2 AM GMT) during MUFON's Annual Symposium in Irving, Texas. The presentation will be available both in person and via livestream.

The case involves mysterious materials delivered to the home of a Russian UFO investigator. These materials, tested by Russian laboratories and subsequently by MUFON's own U.S. lab, have been confirmed to be of unknown origin. According to MUFON, while most materials can be identified by their components from the periodic table, unknown combinations or unusual isotopic ratios can indicate a mysterious origin. In this instance, 90% of the sample is composed of materials that the laboratories were unable to identify.

The story takes an intriguing turn with reports of some samples being stolen from an official U.S. Post Office box. These samples were sent for additional testing but were stolen shortly after their arrival, intended for retrieval by MUFON Investigator Robert Spearing. Further complicating the investigation, security cameras were turned against a wall, preventing clear footage of the incident, although postal workers confirmed that the box had been delivered.

"This is typical with evidence of this nature. We believe that this material was deliberately taken by someone who could hack into a locked Post Office Box to prevent further testing. Who did it is anybody's guess", stated MUFON Media Relations Director Ron James.

"The evidence that supports this story, and others that we will share at the Symposium, could make this the biggest UFO-related news event of the year. We have physical materials and more evidence of non-human technology", added James.

MUFON, the world's largest and oldest civilian UFO research organisation, is dedicated to "the scientific study of UFOs for the benefit of humanity". The organisation offers a global network of like minded individuals who are passionate about UFOs and UAPs. "We provide community and resources to the field and are honoured to be making a presentation that may move the ball forward", James concluded.

The MUFON International Symposium, scheduled from July 11-14, 2024, in Irving, Texas, will host this highly anticipated presentation. Attendees can sign up to participate in person or via livestream at but there is unfortunately a charge for access.

This event is expected to draw significant attention from the global UFO research community and beyond, potentially marking a major milestone in the study of UAP phenomena.
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