Stanford Professor Supports Irish Man’s UAP Global Defence Theory
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Wednesday 19th, June 2024
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Award winning Stanford University professor, Dr Garry Nolan has recently expressed his support for an Irishman’s theory concerning Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP). Dr Garry Nolan, a distinguished Professor of Pathology at Stanford University, asserts there is a "100 percent" probability that extraterrestrials have visited Earth, and he advocates for the investigation of Patrick Jackson's UAP global defence network theory.

Patrick Jackson, who resides in Cambridge, has dedicated 20 years to studying spherical UFOs, a phenomenon reluctantly acknowledged by the Pentagon last year. His theory suggests that these sphere UAPs form a planetary defence network, designed to protect humanity.

"I have been talking to Patrick for over a year now and was among the first to try to get him out there. I think there’s something worth investigating", Professor Nolan wrote over the weekend. Nolan, a Nobel Prize nominee, emphasised the importance of Jackson’s observations, stating, "I am deeply aware of the situation. I find the results and general observations compellingly worth trying to understand".

Nolan further noted the consistency of the phenomena in photographs that went unnoticed for decades. "Sets of spheres seen in photos that were ‘unnoticed’ over decades. Who would know to ‘hoax’ them repeatedly until Patrick noticed them? Full credit to him".

Patrick Jackson provided more insight during an interview with the Sunday World, explaining, "The sphere network has indeed been around for a very long time, it appears to be fully up-to-date and adaptive. This suggests that whoever built it is still around and maintaining it - a second species. Harvard researchers suggest aliens may live among us".

A Harvard study released in early June corroborates some of Jackson’s findings. The study reported, “UAP have been reported in various forms, including spheres, discs, triangles, and other shapes, ranging in size from small orbs to large craft. Many exhibit flight patterns and manoeuvres that defy conventional aerodynamics, such as sudden changes in direction, high speeds, and the ability to hover without apparent propulsion systems. ...This is the 'cryptoterrestrial' hypothesis, namely the notion that UAP may reflect activities of intelligent beings concealed in stealth here on Earth (e.g., underground), and/or its near environs (e.g., the moon), and/or even "walking among us" (e.g., passing as humans)".

Jackson and his colleagues have managed to observe and categorise various spheres. Jackson states there are comparisons of 'Type3' spheres at his research location and ones seen at Skinwalker Ranch.

Skinwalker Ranch in Utah is infamous for numerous sphere UAP reports, particularly during a Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA) study. Much of this research was conducted by Dr Colm Kelleher, another Irishman from Templeogue in Dublin.

Jackson elaborated on another significant location, 30 East Drive in Yorkshire, known for its paranormal activities. "30 East Drive houses a small Type3 Sphere", he noted. "Due to the house's limited space, the sphere's movement is restricted, making it relatively easy to locate through its emissions. Anyone with a basic understanding of network communications will recognise the light patterns as data transmissions".

Jackson detailed one of his recent tests, "Just weeks ago a 1.6GHz signal was detected burst relaying at 30 East Drive, the site of a notorious poltergeist in the UK. This same frequency, also found at Skinwalker Ranch, is present in so called haunted buildings worldwide".

Reflecting on future plans, Professor Nolan disclosed that efforts are underway to retrieve UAPs for public benefit. "There’s one legal way, which is to go out and look for the evidence ourselves. The stuff that is claimed to be obtained is in the possession of the Government because they got there first", he explained. Nolan highlighted the sophisticated detection systems in place, including satellites, which the government has heavily invested in. "We have an amazing detection system, satellites that were spent billions of dollars (around €18.4 billion) putting up; when stuff goes awry, they get there first. There are operations being set up to make parallel retrieval teams that have nothing to do with the Government, to get there first. And hopefully not engage in a firefight", he concluded.

Patrick Jackson’s UAP theory echoes the earlier work of Dr Eamonn Ansbro, another Irishman who was one of the first academics in Europe to publicly declare the reality of UAPs. The Roscommon astronomer faced ridicule for his claims, famously being laughed at on Ireland’s Late Late Show. A major documentary is now being produced about Ansbro’s life and work.
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