Casey Claar: Preparing the Human Central Nervous System for Contact With Biba Logan on The Biba Frequency
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Wednesday 19th, June 2024
Ireland Report / Story
Casey Claar chats to Biba Logan on The Biba Frequency, Claar talks about the profound significance of extraterrestrial contact through advanced crystal technology.

Casey Claar elucidates the profound significance of extraterrestrial contact, showcasing her exceptional ability to communicate with these beings through advanced crystal technology. The diversity of the beings she channels is astonishing, with hundreds of different beings manifesting, as evidenced by the remarkable images produced through her methods. These images are unparalleled in their clarity and impact, serving a vital role in preparing our central nervous system for such extraordinary encounters.

After years of rigorous training, Casey has honed her ability to connect with specific consciousnesses, facilitating communication with a multitude of multidimensional beings in the most exquisite manner. Additionally, she is reviving an ancient technology from the lost civilization of Atlantis, bringing back its advanced crystal techniques that are now re-emerging on our planet.

Join us as we explore Casey's extraordinary experiences and insights, delving into the intricate ways this innovative crystal technology is enhancing our awareness, expanding our consciousness, and preparing our physical bodies for such encounters. This conversation transcends ordinary understanding, offering a glimpse into the complex and beautiful interaction with multidimensional ET beings

I am delighted to share this remarkable conversation with an exceptional woman, and I trust you will find it as enlightening and transformative as I did..

Caseys Bio
Casey was born in Las Vegas in the 1960s.. She was raised and spent most of her life there until the early 2000s when she moved to Los Angeles to study more closely with her spiritual teacher.
At this time she had been meditating, practicing and studying multiple decades and had, herself, begun the service of teaching. Her spiritual disciplines were beginning to culminate in kundalini activity and in 2009 she had an AWAKENING; the awakening centered strongly in the out of body experience.
She discovered that since childhood she had been time traveling- from future points in time ( both in and beyond this lifetime ) she was visiting herself in past points in time. This activity brought to her attention her involvement with ET beings. The ET beings brought to her attention her connection with crystals and a capacity to work with them for communication purposes.
The skill had been lying dormant and was now newly being reactivated. It allows the crystals to act as an extension of her consciousness. Through them she is able to help act as a transmitter of signals being sent from the Galactic sphere into that of our own.
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