Hostile Aliens Could Wipe Out the Human Race
 Alien Life & UFO/UAPs
Wednesday 16th, February 2022
The well known Nick Pope said in an interview with The Sun said that he didn't hold much hope for the human race if an extraterrestrial race decided to invade.

Pope went on to say that if an advanced alien race was to make itself known that there is very little to nothing we could do about it.

He said, "When European explorers encountered Native Americans, it was guns and horses against bows and arrows", and continued with, "If we face an alien invasion, it would be stealth fighters against bows and arrows, and even that is understating the technology that they would have."

"Their technology would be indistinguishable from magic. It's almost unimaginable."

"The weapons that an alien civilization may have could wipe out life in a heartbeat."

"It only takes the existence of one super predator species and you're in trouble,"

But even with this said Pope has said that it's possible that there are many species of extraterrestrials that could be benign or peaceful.
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