Eight/Ten Foot Humanoid Silhouette Running Along Tree Line
Monday 17th, June 2024
We've come across a video that appears to show a panicked resident that witnesses a tall something, that they can't identify or explain run along the tree line at the back of their residence.

It appears the video was captured in the United States of America but there is very little other information at this point.

The 'creature' or silhouette as we prefer to call it looks to be hunched over and moving at pace form left to right of the screen when captured on camera, it appears to have a very pale or grey skin or clothing. The video isn't of great quality so it's very hard to make out features or if the grey colour was skin or clothing. The silhouette appears to have at least one long, of what appears to be an arm hanging down in front as it moves across the screen.

We estimate the silhouette as being anywhere from eight foot tall to ten foot tall based on the comparison to the light pole the silhouette appears to run behind.

It's very hard to make any determining conclusion on the silhouette due to the poor video quality and the very brief instance captured on video.

And it also needs to be kept in mind the video is captured with a strong light source directly in front so based on camera movement and glare, the silhouette could very well be a trick of the light.

Checkout the video above or at the link below and make up your own mind.
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