Adrian Bai: Multidimensional Consciousness With Biba Logan on The Biba Frequency
 Irish Online Paranormal Shows
Monday 17th, June 2024
Ireland Report / Story
Adrian Bai chats to Biba Logan on The Biba Frequency, Bai talks about many different topics centred around multidimensional consciousness.

Welcome Back Adrian Bai delves into the realms of spirituality and multidimensional existence. Discover how to awaken to your true self, navigate the shift in global awareness, and engage with higher dimensions. Explore the merging of souls, the power of co-creation, and the significance of belief systems in shaping your experience.

Key topics include:
  • Event Horizon: Exploring the moment of shifting consciousness shaped by belief systems
  • Awakening and engaging with others to activate your gifts
  • Merging of souls and accessing higher dimensions
  • The power of co-creation and manifestation
  • Shifting consciousness and the impact of belief systems
  • Understanding walk-ins and multiple soul facets
  • Higher frequencies, duality, and the importance of stillness
  • The integration of energies and evolving consciousness
  • Meditation and being present in the moment
  • Exploring multiple universes and Creators & ET Contact
  • Consciousness expansion and differentiating between higher-dimensional beings and AI

Join Adrian Bai as we unravel the mysteries of existence and consciousness. Expand your understanding and explore the depths of reality.

Checkout the video above or at the link below.
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