US Department of Defense Contractor Recalls Close Encounter
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Friday 14th, June 2024
An encounter with a giant, glowing UFO has sparked ten years of research and led to two patents inspired by the reported event, as outlined by a US Department of Defense contractor. Three witnesses, including a Pentagon engineer, reported capturing electronic evidence of a 'barbell' shaped UFO that glowed an eerie indigo blue. The craft, they said, flew silently over an old logging road near their campsite during a hunting trip on the 28th of August 2013.

The contractor, described the UFO as approximately 52 metres long, 18 metres wide, and 6 metres tall, with an indigo plasma covering most of the craft. He noted, “It was spectacular. Having been involved with optical systems in the past, we're talking about a vehicle that looked like a stadium lighting scenario, it was brilliant”.

The sighting, which began around 9:40 PM as they returned from a black bear hunting expedition, was also witnessed by two other individuals seated in the front of a Dodge 4x4 truck. The contractor, seated in the back, attempted to film the UFO with a Motorola phone and a Sony HD camera, both of which seemed to malfunction.

Describing the light emitted by the UFO, the contractor said, “The lights that it emitted were not incoherent light”, likening it to “tens of thousands of small lit particles, best described as those that occur during a fountain-type firework”. More technically, he explained, it was “coherent” light, akin to “looking into a laser that had been passed through a diffraction grating or something of that nature”.

The craft rotated slowly, emitting an electrical spark like shower opposite to its direction of travel. After several minutes, a similar lit craft appeared on the horizon, and both UFOs zipped away at incredible speed, leaving only visual static and the astonished voices of the witnesses on the tape.

Robert Powell, a nanotechnology expert and UFO investigator, took a keen interest in this rare case. “Is there another 'barbell' case we've investigated like this? No, it's the only one”, Powell stated, noting that UFOs of this shape are exceedingly rare, with only about 50 to 60 cases reported throughout history.

Powell personally visited the contractor’s lab to analyse the eerie interference captured on the video. Using an oscilloscope to examine the footage, Powell and his co-investigator, retired police detective Phil Leech, found that the interference matched the rhythm of the UFO's light pulses, revealing a perfect pulsation function at one second intervals. The contractor suggested that the pattern observed was consistent with a giant alternating current (A/C) motor, potentially explaining the magnetic field that could disrupt nearby electronics.

The contractor, drawing from his experience in producing smaller scale plasmas, estimated that the craft's plasma field would require a minimum of 160 megawatts (MW) of power. “This amount of power is 33 percent of the 478 million-watt nuclear power plant in Fort Calhoun, Nebraska”, he explained.

Powell, who has received praise from former Defence Department intelligence official Chris Mellon for his new book on UFOs, acknowledges the scepticism surrounding the case. “Without proof, it's still anecdotal”, he admitted, but he remains in contact with the witness and continues to request a raw copy of the video for further analysis.
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