Green UFO Filmed Over Tehran!? Real or Hoax, Project Blue Beam!?
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Friday 14th, June 2024
A luminous, round object with a ring of green lights has been reportedly captured on video manoeuvring at low altitudes over Iran’s capital, prompting a flurry of speculation online. The incident, notable for the clarity of the footage and the abundance of visual evidence, was captured by numerous videos from various vantage points throughout the city, which also raises many questions to the authenticity of the video.

Its green lights standing in stark contrast to the night sky. The multiple angles from which this object has been recorded complicate matters, suggesting either a coordinated effort to document the event or a large scale encounter.

There has been much speculation regarding the nature of this spectacle. Some propose that a drone swarm, a collection of unmanned aerial vehicles operating in unison, could be responsible for the demonstration. However, the synchronised flight patterns and uniformity of the lights challenge this interpretation, as typical drone swarms might not exhibit such precise and cohesive movement. Or a single, heavily customised drone.

The videos could have been doctored and distributed to create the illusion of a UFO sighting. This explanation accounts for the uniformity and clarity of the videos, as well as their simultaneous appearance on various social media platforms.

Unfortunately in the case of this video due to the very rare, clear quality and multiple angles that the object was caught on camera, it's highly probable that it's a hoax. What do you think? Project Blue Beam...
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