Nope - New Movie from Jordan Peele
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Monday 14th, February 2022
The new movie from Jordan Peel, Nope, had its first trailer released on the 13th of February 2022 and from the trailer alone, this movie is shaping up to be a hit already.

** POTENTIAL SPOILERS ** - If you want to go into the movie with no sway as to what to expect then do not read on.

The trailer starts off on a happier note but very quickly turns dark and ominous, going from happy dancing to darkness with the power going out.

There are too many things to take note of in this trailer but the overall sense, simply by looking at the official movie poster is that the plot centres around aliens.

Then after watching the trailer, the plot suggestion of being based around aliens is further reinforced, dark shapes in the sky, with teddy bears of owl type creatures or possibly the typical 'greys' walking around?

The idea of alien abductions or alien invasion is suggested further by a woman being dragged up into the air with no ropes or harness and then a ufo-like object hovering over a car.

Lastly not to mention that everyone is looking up at the sky in a good few scenes from the trailer, even the CCTV camera does and the 3, possibly 4 fingered black hand fist bumping a person under the bed.

So many questions! Have a look at the trailer and make your own mind up, linked below.
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