Nando DeSario - 8th June 2024 - Live Stream (Replay) - Shadow Whispers In The Night
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Saturday 8th, June 2024
Ireland Report / Story
Shadow Whispers in the Night streamed a live show chatting to Nando DeSario from Portal To The Paranormal and about a mash up of many different things, some paranormal, some not so much paranormal.

From Shadow Whispers In The Night:
Join me as i chat with Nando DeSario from Portal To The Paranormal as we chat all things paranormal.

Nando DeSario from Portal To The Paranormal - PTTP.
Nando is a paranormal investigator from the UK and part of Portal To The Paranormal.

He started his journey into the paranormal feild during the covid-19 pandemic when the owner of the Portal to the Paranormal asked him to be part of PTTP. His wife Sarah has always been into the paranormal and Nando never thought much of the feild even though he had experienced stuff as a child
It wasn't until he had his own experience as an adult, which sparked an interest in the paranormal which has grown in the passion. .Nando has investigated some amazing locations across the UK.

Nando is also part of Portal To The Paranormal vodcast where they talk to amazing guests from all around the world about the paranormal.

Checkout the show above or at the links below.
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