Stephen Chong - GhostÉire - 14th June 2024, 11:00pm UTC+1
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Thursday 6th, June 2024
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On the 14th of June, 2024, Stephen Chong will be on the GhostÉire show, being interviewed by Anthony from GhostÉire paranormal team.

For this episode, we’ll be talking to Stephen Chong M.Ed. Stephen is a professional development coach, keynote speaker and author. In 2019, Stephen fell five metres off a ladder and fractured his neck. It was a turning-point in his life as Stephen experienced a spiritual awakening. In 2023, Stephens book was published - The Afterlife - A Journey to: Now You Know What Will Happen. It detailed his voyage, discovering the ‘many levels of heaven’. Stephen resides in Australia, and for the past twenty-five years, he has provided guidance and motivation to countless people through his inspirational messages and ability to ‘bring the best out in people’.

In the first segment of the show, we’ll chat to Stephen about his own personal ‘NDE’ (Near Death Experience). A near-death experience is a personal event, believed to be associated with death or impending death. Typically, an individual may experience going through a tunnel, being surrounded by light, floating above one’s body, or sometimes encounter deceased loved ones or other Spiritual beings. Neuroscience begs to differ, that the NDE is an "disturbed bodily multisensory integration", and is the bodies way in coping with life-threatening occurrences.

Midway through the interview, we’ll ask Stephen about ‘Purgatory’ – a place for punishment, yet where the opportunity for reconcile or purification of the soul can be obtained, so that sins can be forgiven and so therefore, one can enter heaven. We’ll ask Stephen for more information on this; its meaning, and whether you keep your status, position, title and even clothing within this realm...

The final discussion will be on the various ‘Ethereal Regions’, that a soul may go through on its ascend to paradise or descend to hell. We’ll learn from Stephen about ‘The Healing Arena’, ‘The Abode of Reunion’, ‘The School for Children’, ‘The Great Hall of Learning’ and ‘The Spirit Guide School’, and not forgetting the fearful ‘Nether Regions’.

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