Nightdress Apparition
Friday 11th, February 2022
One year on All Souls Night the witness was staying over with their cousin, with just the two of them being at home and both being in their teens.

The witness went to bed and the witness's cousin stayed up late. They were sharing a room which was the witness's cousin’s bedroom.

At some stage during the night the witness woke, the witness describes themselves as a light sleeper. Upon waking up the witness saw what they assumed to be their cousin get out of bed, walk across the room and out of the bedroom.

The witness says they remember their cousin walking out of the room as the witness saw the light from the hall come into the room as the door opened.

The witness also remembers not recognising the nightdress their cousin was wearing when they saw her leave the room, the nightdress the witness remembers seeing was a long white one and the witness noted that their cousin's hair was longer than normal.

After the witness's cousin left the room the witness went back to sleep and was woken up a second later by the doorbell. The witness got up and went down and answered the door, to the witness’s surprise it was their cousin fully dressed in the clothes she had been wearing that day.

The witness’s cousin would go on to say that she had left to go to a friend's house shortly after the witness had gone to bed and had never gone upstairs.

The witness asked their aunt the next morning about the experience and found out that the aunt’s mother had passed away in that room in a bed in the same location of the witness’s cousin’s bed.

After the witness' cousin found this out, she moved her bed to another place in the room.
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