Irish Paranormal Discussion Channel
Tuesday 4th, June 2024
Ireland Report / Story
There is a new Irish Paranormal discussion channel for members of the Irish Paranormal community to chat and discuss about all areas of the paranormal.

The channel is setup on Discord with the invite link at the bottom of this article.

It's open to anyone involved in the Irish Paranormal scene, you don't necessarily have to be Irish or an a member of an Irish group as long as you're somewhat regularly involved in Irish Paranormal.

If you just want to chat with peers in the Irish Paranormal community or if you want to discuss investigation locations, equipment or anything else then feel free to drop in.

A few things to note:
  • General rules of any social media platform or forum still apply
  • Everyone should be treated with respect, we wont always agree so please respect others.
  • It's asked that you identify yourself and what group your a member of (if you're in a group). One so everyone else knows who they are chatting to.
  • The rest of the discussion channel is only available to users who have identified themselves as members of the Irish Paranormal community.
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