Stanford Professor Reportedly Receives Warning After UFO Revelations
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Wednesday 29th, May 2024
Stanford University’s Professor Garry Nolan has disclosed receiving a stark warning from government sources following his comments about UFO programmes. This comes amid heightened tensions within the UFO disclosure community.

A leading academic from Stanford University has reportedly been cautioned by government representatives to "be careful what you say". Professor Garry Nolan, known for his involvement in UFO research, made this revelation during an interview on "That UFO Podcast". He shared that the warning came via a phone call from a government official, which left him deeply unsettled. "I won't go into the specifics of what was said and all the rest but it shook me", he stated.

This development follows the recent news of a suicide by an individual linked to a UFO back engineering programme. Lawyer Daniel Sheehan, connected with the UFO disclosure efforts, announced the death of the unnamed engineer, clarifying, "It wasn't until law enforcement concluded its investigation that we learned that no foul play was involved". This incident has added to the existing concerns within the community.

Lue Elizondo, a former Pentagon agent and prominent UFO disclosure advocate, also expressed fears for his safety. Elizondo issued a public statement stressing he has no intentions of self harm. "I would like to make this perfectly clear to the American people: I am not prone to accidents! I'm not suicidal! I'm not abusing drugs! I am not engaged in any illicit activities. If something happens to me or my family members in the future, you will know what happened!", he declared.

During the podcast, Professor Nolan referenced Elizondo's statements, acknowledging the gravity of the situation. "I know the specific incident that Lue is discussing; it was real and it's ongoing. It's not my place to [talk about it] but it's pretty serious".

Nolan's involvement in UFO research began in earnest in 2012, following his work debunking the so-called "alien mummy" found in Chile's Atacama Desert. His expertise in blood analysis led to his collaboration with both government officials and an aerospace corporation. They sought his help to understand medical harm allegedly experienced by individuals after interactions with anomalous craft.

In a bold statement in May 2023, Nolan claimed that multiple governments around the world have obtained materials from extraterrestrial vehicles. He asserted it is "100% certain" that aliens have visited Earth and have been doing so for a significant time.

The implications of these warnings and the broader claims about extraterrestrial interactions continue to provoke intense debate and concern within both academic and governmental circles but now also brings home the huge risks if someone even slightly in the know tries to publicly talk about the UFO subject.
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