Somebody Doesn't Want You to Leave the House
Wednesday 9th, February 2022
Reported Experience
The witness was living in the family home when they were about 12 years old and has reported experiencing more than a few strange experiences some of which they are unable to explain away.

The witness reports that strange things would occur around the house on a regular basis. One of the earlier experiences by the witness and their family was that they were out one day and upon arriving home the house was "lit up like a Christmas tree".

This was considered strange as the witnesses parents are said to have been almost ocd about making sure all electrical appliances were switched off and internal doors were locked in case of a fire. Upon arriving home they confirmed that all the internal doors were still locked.

On a number of occasions visitors to the house would arrive back from the bathroom asking who was knocking on the door while they were in the bathroom, to find out that everyone had been in the one room the whole time.

The witness moved out of this house and into their new family home. One day while home alone the witness was sitting watching television in the sitting room. The witness noticed that a photo of his deceased aunt had fallen on its face, the witness proceeded to go over and fix the picture frame and returned to sitting down and watching tv.

When the witness looked over at the picture frame again they saw it was turned sitting on it's side, again they got up to fix the picture frame and returned to their seat. Once again looking over at the picture frame the witness saw that the picture frame was now facing the wall, it had somehow turned around.

The first time the witness put the picture frame down to the vibrations of the television knocking it over, the second time they put it down to not have been paying attention and putting the picture frame back wrong but the third time the witness just had to get out of there, they screamed and ran into the garden and stayed in the garden until the witnesses sister arrived home.

A short period of time before the witness was to move out of the family home into their own place there were two incidents that shook, not just the witness but their parents as well. The witness leaves the bedroom door key in the door on the outside of the room. The witness returned to their room after a shower and closed the door after them, but when the witness tried to open the door they were unable to and had to ring their father to come upstairs and unlock the door, both the father and witness were shaken by this as they couldn't explain how the door was locked.

The same thing happened again about two months later but this time the witnesses mother had to unlock the bedroom door from outside the room.

It is believed that a young boy died in the first house, it's said that he was electrocuted in the Kitchen.
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