Green Maiden or Pareidolia, What Should One Believe?
Monday 27th, May 2024
Ireland Report / Story
A recent post on Facebook by an Irish Paranormal group claims to show the Green Maiden (maighdean uaine) trying to manifest in the glow of an emergency exit lights reflection.

In fairness there is reaching but in the case of this post we believe it is clearly overreaching.

For anyone that has spent any length of time in abandoned, old or unused buildings you will have seen that the last signs that life frequented the building is usually the emergency exit signs due to electricity being on and/or the battery still has a charge.

Apart from that, anyone who has experienced a cities nightlife or worked as part of the nighttime gig economy will have come across many of emergency exit signs as it would usually be the last light you saw as you exited a venue after a long nights work and entered into the dark, still, nighttime on your way home.

And in all of these situations, there would have been a green glow or hue of the emergency exit light, but this is the first time we've ever heard of a spirit manifesting through the green reflection. Is it due to the Green Maiden believed to be green in colour or is it just attaching meaning to something due to a similarity in colour?!

We're not going to name the group as we don't believe that it's our place but we will call out what we believe to be false or misleading information.

It brings to bare many questions, for example, just because we clearly disagree with the assumptions of an image or a video, but another individual whole-heartedly believes the image or video to be real, is that the individuals fault or the byproduct of environmental epigenetic factors which drive a persons belief system!?

Regardless of any individuals belief or a paranormal group's beliefs there needs to be a peer review process of some sort in the paranormal community, loosely based around what is seen in main stream scientific arenas.

At the end of the day everyone is entitled to their opinion but it shouldn't be at the detriment of others that may be more easily swayed.
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